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Does the B&B Program Really Work? ASK PARTICIPANTS:2019

Does the B&B Program Really Work? ASK PARTICIPANTS:2019

“I’m finishing up my fourth month and plan to continue my training with B&B. Professional, focused,
disciplined, never boring, and always challenging, your program … has far exceeded all of my
expectations. I recommend B&B every time the subject of exercising comes up in conversation.”
“I have participated in Tae Kwon Do since I was 10. I also participate in Aikido and Kenpo, and have
been a Tae Kwon Do instructor since age 26. But in the program I felt able to perform a harder workout
than in Martial Arts because of the instruction. All the instructors know how to teach the techniques so
the students immediately start getting a good workout. It is absolutely amazing how much constant
movement boxing entails and how fluid it is and the weight training has made me feel so strong! There
is no way I would push myself as hard without the instructors and staff. I feel it is a superior workout to
what most personal trainers or other workout programs are able to offer.”
“My body leaned out and gained definition, something I have worked on a long time. Boxing and weight
training showed quicker results.”
“I would highly recommend this program to anyone. (1) It is a great workout. (2) Instructors are
encouraging and helpful. (3) The workout really encourages individuals to push themselves each time.
…Probably one of the best cardio workouts, especially for people who want to increase stamina and
lose weight.”
“B&B’s program works you out a lot harder and pushes you harder not to quit. Also, the workouts are
fun. It doesn’t get boring. Since I participated in the program, I stopped smoking cigarettes, I have more
energy, and I’m happier.”
“My arms are more toned and thighs tighter. I look great! I walk with my head up with an ‘I’m a bad
mama’ attitude.”
“It’s a terrific conditioning program.”
“I played sports my whole life and never got the workout I get with B&B! I tell others it’s the best workout
they will ever do!!”


The Boxing and Barbells training handbook is intended for use only in official training classes
and/or private training, as taught by certified Boxing and Barbells trainers.
While we have made every effort to provide complete and accurate information, the
instructions, descriptions, and explanations in this handbook are not intended to substitute for
professional advice to individual readers. Neither the authors nor the publishers shall be
liable or responsible for any losses, injuries, or damages that occur as a result of
implementing the suggestions, actions, or programs presented in this book.
The statements and examples in these manuals are not intended to represent or guarantee
that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individual’s success will be determined by
his or her desire, dedication, fitness background, health situation, effort and motivation to
work and follow the manuals and video tutorials. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the
results stated here. You recognize any learning endeavor has inherent risks.
Limitations of Liability
Boxing and Barbells will not be liable to you in relation to the contents of, or use of, or
otherwise in connection with, these manuals.
Advance copy: Not for publication, quotation, or distribution.
Photocopying or other use strictly prohibited.


Each of us has a fighter inside looking for a way out—a way to excel, to go beyond what we’ve
achieved already, to reach for our dreams. One person fights for that big promotion, another
fights for that gal or that guy, to get closer to their kids, to lose those extra pounds, to quit
smoking… whatever success means to them.
And everyone reaches a time in life when it’s important to stand up and say, “I can do it!” And
mean it—and then stand up to the test.
Boxing and weight training provide just such a test. As challenging sports and workouts, spill
over into other parts of life. The correlation between these two and life is undeniable.
Over the years, we have met many great people through our training center and beyond. Men
and women, boys and girls, students, athletes, executives, grandparents, and more. Each one
brings personal reasons for participating in boxing and weight training, and everyone achieves
fitness benefits—far beyond what they’ve found in other workouts.
Many experience greater strength from the very first class. Participants sleep better and wake
refreshed. They feel increased physical and mental energy throughout the day. They notice
improved ability to focus attention, greater optimism, and deeper satisfaction with life as they
are shaping it.
By the time you complete your training, you’ll gain something you may not have expected when
you signed up. A deeper self-awareness—as your inner fighter stands up and acknowledges
once and for all, “I can do anything!” And know that you have passed the test. Boxing and Bells
changes lives—and now you are about to become part of this great movement.
In a recent survey conducted by ESPN, sports and fitness experts rated boxing as the world’s
“toughest sport.” Boxing has produced some of the most superbly trained athletes in the
world—as well as the most challenging workout. Boxing delivers serious benefits to
• Offers an excellent cardiovascular workout
• Strengthens core muscles & tones the entire bo

• Increases endurance and boosts energy •
• Promotes speed, coordination, rhythm & flexibility

• Encourages proper breathing and relaxation.
• Enhances sense of strength and power
• Builds confidence, especially in women
• Reduces stress
• Improves focus and heightens awareness.
• Provides a fast, efficient full-body workout
• Incorporates self-defense skills
• Creates a convenient workout—doable almost anywhere
• Requires minimal equipment and low-cost investment.
Today, the Boxing and Barbells [B&B] program offers the finest co-ed, cardiovascular, sport
specific strength training and conditioning program available anywhere to health clubs and
sports/fitness facilities across the country—with expertise once offered only to elite amateur or
professional athlete.
Now you can take advantage of this outstanding workout


Cary Williams has been developing boxing programs for many years—drawing on years of
experience inside and outside the ring. Cary Williams got involved with boxing over 20 years
ago, as a manager, trainer, competitive boxer and entrepreneur who grew a chain of boxing
gyms. She won her first amateur bout in the Pacific Northwest Women’s Open Tournament. A
gifted speaker and businesswoman, Cary has sparked interest and encouraged the
participation of women in boxing. In addition to contributing to a variety of national and regional
news, business, and sports/fitness publications, Cary is a frequent guest on radio and podcast
programs; she has appeared on the popular NBC TV show, Fear Factor, Lifetime TV show
Fit to Fat to Fit, CNBC TV show Billion Dollar Buyer and The Doctors. She has been
featured in many national publications, including Shape, FHM, Entrepreneur, and the
New York Times. She has also graced the cover of Muscle & Fitness HERS magazine.
Today, Cary is a certified USA BOXING Level IV Olympic Level Coach, approved to train
and certify Level 1 and Level 2 Boxing Coaches. Cary is one of just 3 women in the country to
achieve this level of coaching proficiency. Adidas chose Cary as their boxing instructor for its
nationwide program, “Training for Sports 2000.” She has been spokespeople for Everlast
and also created the Everlast ShadowBox class format for 24 Hour Fitness.
Her boxing formula works because it’s based on solid knowledge and sound experience: to
deliver a level of boxing expertise and training previously available only to elite amateur or toprated professional boxers. Boxing and Bells program gets participants in the best shape
possible in the shortest possible time.
Damien Patrick
Has been in the fitness business for over 19 years. He has held certifications with different
associations and has an extensive knowledge in bodybuilding, weight training, plyo-metrics
and weight loss. His bodybuilding training videos for beginners to advance have been viewed
over 30 million times around the world. He has a following of close to a million people worldwide
on social media and has been featured in FLEX magazine.
When he is not educating the world on fitness you can find him either training his clients from
the normal 9-5er to A-list celebrities or competing in the world of bodybuilding where he has
won overall titles.
How do health, fitness, and sports clubs separate themselves from their competition? One key
is to offer premier programs that attract member interest and spark their participation. Such
programs bring in additional revenues for the club and help and retain members longer. That’s

where Boxing and Bells comes in. Facilities that offer fitness training, weight training, martial
arts, as well as schools, law enforcement organizations, Cross Fit, Boot camps and personal
training are eligible to host the Boxing and Bells program with a BNB certified trainer.
The Boxing and Barbells workout attracts both men and women at all fitness levels—they don’t
have to be top athletes. BNB’s unique approach and intense, progressive workouts produce a
camaraderie always needed in group fitness programs. This gets women lifting weights who
would normally feel uncomfortable in the weight room. It also allows men to feel comfortable
in the aerobics room since boxing and weight training are activities they are more familiar with.
BNB participants are people looking to challenge themselves, and also for support and
encouragement. That’s what they get from BNB—and that’s just the beginning. Students learn
to excel beyond their expectations. And when people get more than they expect, they return
again, and they tell others about their positive experience.
BNB offers a turnkey program that makes it easy for health clubs, sports facilities, and other
organizations to enhance the level of services they currently offer. In addition to helping clubs
retain members and adding value to their regular offerings, BNB program includes:

Intensive training courses for your instructors.
• Certification for instructors who successfully complete our rigorous training program.
• Rights to use the highly respected Boxing and Bells name, logo, and official program.
• Product sales opportunities for official BNB, Total Alpha and Too Pretty merchandise.
• Involvement with a nationally recognized, high-profile program that enhances and
complements your existing business.
BNB’s boxing program, developed by Cary, has been featured on programs on NBC, CBS,
ABC, CNBC and FOX networks, as well as in national publications including Muscle &
Fitness, Oxygen, Shape, Energy, Entrepreneur, and Fitness.
Facilities that offer the elite BNB programs set themselves apart from all the other clubs in their
market. They’re able to advertise “Boxing and Bells Certified” and “USA Boxing Certified”
trainers. Clubs may also be eligible to register with USA Boxing for its special insurance policy.
BNB’s weight training program, developed by Damien has been featured on Extra TV and
online fitness publications.
Why Choose Boxing and Barbells over other Programs?
BNB offers more than simply a premier workout. It challenges people mentally, as well as
physically. Boxing and Barbells offer real instruction in boxing technique and proper weight
training as part of a tough conditioning program for individuals tired of the routine of aerobics
classes and cardio machines. Increasingly, people want to participate in activities where they
learn something new and stimulating enough to enable them to forget the stresses of everyday

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